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LIVE UPDATES!  These are Shadow's real-time trades, charts and analysis, focusing on $SPY but occasionally including other indices, ETFs, commodities and individual stocks.

Trading Performance vs $SPX

YTD Results:  1-Jan-2020 to 30-Sep-2021*
Proprietary Signals (Shadow Index):  +172.3%
Traditional Buy & Hold S&P 500:            + 33.3%

Stock Watch List

This portfolio includes short-term long and short positions in individual stocks.

Weekly Market Commentary

NEW!  Charts and analysis for helping identify longer-term market trends.  This section is FREE to all visitors.

Q&A with Shadow

Participate in a Q&A discussion with Shadow and other forum members.  Ask or talk about market trends or specific stocks.

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TRADING IDEAS is a trading "think tank" hosted by Shadow Trader (a 26-year trading veteran, using technical analysis, Elliott Waves, Fibonacci retracement levels, and proprietary indicators), who shares his Real-Time trades and exclusive analysis of short-term trading opportunities, posted "live" throughout the trading day.

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